The Story


JUNE GEMINI is a supernatural sci-fi saga that explores the power of choice and love.

When a series of natural disasters threaten earth, many question whether the events are an anomaly or forewarnings of something greater. June, a temperamental young man, learns he is now able to do things that are beyond what any human is capable. He soon meets Dr. Charles Risk, the founder of a powerful organization, who vows to help him and others with similar gifts to understand their abilities. As evidence of an imminent global catastrophe surface,  June discovers the origin of his growing powers may hold the key to saving mankind. 

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About the Author


Kofa Boyah is a Los Angeles based artist with a passion for visual storytelling. His professional disciplines range from Creative Direction to Cinematography and Photography. Formerly a graphic designer and illustrator, he pulls from his vast skillset and experience to create content that captivates the viewer. An avid sci-fi fan himself, Kofa's interest in space exploration and the unknown inspired him to write.

JUNE GEMINI is a novel he began writing in April of 2015, even though he had the original idea as a teen.  The initial concept for JG was a comic book which Kofa later scrapped because he felt comics were not as immersive as a good book. But he never abandoned his visual roots. Inspired by the works of his favorite directors; Stanley Kubrick, Luc Besson and Zack Snyder, Kofa shot, directed and edited a trailer to help promote the story and pitch the proof of concept as a tv series. 

From logo design to photography, commercials and music videos, Kofa has had an amazing career as a creative helping countless individuals and corporations bring their vision to life. This is why he refers to JUNE GEMINI has his first project. The first book of the trilogy is set for release in JUNE of 2017.