Envision a world where natural disasters threaten the survival of mankind. Tidal waves, earthquakes & snowstorms simultaneously strike, claiming thousands of unsuspecting lives in an instant. The world's leaders and prolific thinkers turn towards science to explain the crisis, while others site religious platitudes and The End of Days.

But what if they are all wrong?


June discovers during the aftermath he is now able to do things beyond what any human is capable. When others emerge with similar abilities, Dr. Charles Risk, the founder of CURE, vows to help them control and understand their gifts. But things are not as they seem as intentions become clear and June learns the origin of the events are deeper than anyone could ever imagine.

As his powers continue to evolve, June is faced with a choice that will forever change his life and decide the fate of humanity.



June: Tamario Fletcher
Novelle: Carmen Johnson
Dr. Charles Risk: Mark Hatfield
Ahnie Abena: Shaunnie Bellasaro
Adorie: Jay Sincere
Miko: Lexee Davis
Robyn: Dominique Razon
CURE patient: Chloe Ray Warmoth



Direction & Cinematography: Kofa
AD: Henry Coleman
DP: Vic Harris
Drone OP: Jacob Souza
Producers: Jennifer Wang, Madia Hill
PA's: Carlton Jordan, Renee Stewart



KOFA freelances as a Director, Cinematographer & Photographer in Los Angeles. His work, which features a distinct cinematic quality, has been featured on a variety of media platforms.

The inspiration for June Gemini came from Kofa's love of the supernatural, graphic novels, video games and sci-fi films. The sporadic tremors he experiences living in Los Angeles and time spent in New York City influenced the story as well.

JUNE GEMINI is about a young man that gains special abilities when Earth is threatened by a series of natural disasters. Even though June Gemini is pure fiction, Kofa states it was important to infuse a real world conflict that impacts everyone. "I vividly recall the incidents of Hurricane Katrina, Sandy, and other international tragedies. Snowstorms, earthquakes and tsunami's don't care about class, race, or any of the other prejudices that plague our society. They strike without warning and affect everything in their path." He always wondered... "But what if there was a deeper, more celestial reason? What if science got it all wrong and these events are warnings of a greater threat?" And that question is what JUNE GEMINI aims to answer. With the state of the world in turmoil and evidence of another disaster approaching, JUNE GEMINI is the hero we all need right now.